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  • S. M. Nguyen and P. Tanguy (2016), Cognitive architecture of a humanoid robot for coaching physical exercises in kinaesthetic rehabilitation , International Workshop on Cognitive Robotics, [ bib ]
  • Sao Mai Nguyen and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (2013), Strategic robot learner for active goal-babbling. In Workshop in Active Learning in Robotics at Robotic Science and Systems, Berlin, Germany. (ERACORE Rank A*)
  • Sao Mai Nguyen and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (2013), Data Collection of an Interactive Learner for Strategy, Outcome and Policy Exploration. In Workshop in Hierarchical Learning at Robotic Science and Systems, Berlin, Germany. (ERACORE Rank A*)
  • Clement Moulin-Frier, Sao Mai Nguyen, and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (2013), The role of intrinsic motivations in early vocal development: a computational study. In Workshop on Intrinsic Motivations, Rome, Italy.
  • Sao Mai Nguyen and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (2012), Socially guided intrinsic motivation. In Spring School on Developmental Robotics and Cognitive Bootstrapping.
  • Sao Mai Nguyen and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (2012), Socially Guided Intrinsically Motivated Learner, in proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning - Epirob, San Diego, United States. [ bib ]
  • Sao Mai Nguyen (2009), Role of default network in the understanding of subjectivity of desire, in proceedings of the NIPS International Workshop for Scientific Study of Consciousness 2009 (at Neuroscience 2009), Okazaki, Japan.

Theses and Reports

Invited Talks

  • Invited speaker at HAI Workshop on Multicentric Interaction with Smart Homes & Home Robots
  • Artificial Intelligence and Vision Group, Department of Computing and Communication Technologies, Oxford Brookes University, 2016, invited by Matthias Rolf
  • Loria team, Inria, 2016, invited by Serena Ivaldi
  • Applied Informatics Group, Bielefed University, 2015, invited by Britta Wrede
  • Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab, EPFL Lausanne, 2012, invited by Pr. Aude Billard
  • Lab. for Intelligent Systems and Informatics, Dept. of Mechano-Informatics Grad. School of Information Science and Technology, Université de Tokyo, Japon. 2013, invited by Pr. Yasuo Kuniyoshi.
  • Takanishi Laboratory, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering & Humanoid Robotics Institute, Université Waseda, Japon. 2013, invited by Pr. Atsuo Takanishi.
  • Personal Robotics Lab, Electrical Engineering Department, Imperial College, London. 2014, invited by Dr. Y. Demiris.

In the press

  • "Maintien@domicile. La technologie en appui". Le Télégramme, 11/07/17 [ Link]
  • "La technologie au service du handicap". Hit West, 11/06/17 [ Link]
  • "Maintien à domicile. A Lorient, l’université planche sur les besoins". Ouest France, 11/06/17 [Link]
  • "Et curiosité". Sciences et Vie, 10/17 [Article, Link]
  • "Un robot pour accompagner les lombalgiques". Kiné Actualité n. 1493, 06/15/17 [ Article, Link]
  • "Un robot pour assister les kinésithérapeutes". Coté Brest, 03/06/17 [Article, Link]
  • "Poppy, le robot qui soigne les dos". Ouest-France, 03/06/2017 [Article, Link]
  • "Kinés. Bientôt un robot à la rescousse". Le Télégramme, 03/03/2017 [Article, Link]
  • "Cap sur l'intelligence artificielle". Le Télégramme - Forum, 03/02/2017 [Article, Link]
  • "Intelligence artificielle : la curiosité enfantine comme moteur d’apprentissage:. I'MTech, 2016/07/25 [Link]
  • "Intelligences Artificielles. Quelles promesses? Quels défis?". Cahier de veille de la Fondation Télécom, 28/06/16 [Article, Link]
  • "Le numérique contre la dépendance". Sillage, 09/17 [Article, Link]
  • Au japon, les robots font du théâtre. Le Monde, Nov 2008 [Link ]
  • "Actor robots take japanese stage. BBC, November 2008 [Link ]
  • "Wakamaru’s latest gig: distraught thespian, clothes rack. Engadget, November 2008 [Link]
  • "Household bot makes theatrical debut. Cnet, November 2008 [Link]
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